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Step 4 Store Food

Why store food?

We store food for a number of reasons.

First in my mind is to have the ability to not have to go to the store every day to get food.  Beyond that is the ability to have enough food in storage to cook what you would  like for each day.  By having some food stored you are able to look at sales at the stores and buy what is on sale that you use rather than buying what you need for each meal.  There are also times when a specific food item may be out of stock or out of season.  This is when your storage program really shines.

We have tried to have what you might call a “Mini-Mart” downstairs.  When the kids are hungary we say to them “go downstairs and get some soup, crackers, green beans” or whatever we might need.

It is important to store the things you use.  There are some who say to store a myriad of long term items such as wheat, rice, beans, etc.  These items are not bad to have, but if you are not continually using them by rotating them then they are of less use.  You will want to start off by buying two of the things you use.  Start by going to the store and if you need green beans then buy 2.  One for upstairs and one for your storage.  Then when you use the one upstairs and have to go to the store you buy 2 again.  You put one upstairs and one downstairs.  Now you have two extra cans of green beans.  Continue this until you have built up a 1-3 month supply.  Now you can look for green beans on sale and in a case quantity.

There are so many great reasons to have some extra food around that I could write for many pages.  Peace of mind is one of the top.  To know that if something went wrong I would be able to feed my family until things returned to normal is one of the greatest reasons to store food.

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