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2012 Resolutions

OK. OK. OK.  I sure have been a slacker. NO excuses here.  I stink.

So as we start 2012 I am going to start posting more often.  How often?  Not sure.  My plan is to write at least 2 times a week.  I would like to produce a podcast once a month and a video once a month.  So there they are in writing.

Hoping your 2012 is great.




Hello world!

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Why Prepare?

Why Prepare?
Because innately you know that something could go wrong and you want to be able to handle lifes little bruises. These plus many more are the reasons you are here. You know these things could happen but don’t know where to start.
What should I prepare for?
That depends. In general we are preparing for some sort of disruption in systems and support. That could be electricity, water, food, income, lower income. These are just some of the things that could happen.
Where should I start?
I am going to start at ZERO.
You have done nothing to prepare and don’t know where to start. The next post I will give my advice as to where you should place your efforts.
From there it will be a meandering path to becoming more prepared. Take what you want and make your own plan, because if it is not your plan you will not do it.