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The myth of fried food

I wanted to comment on an article in The Telegraph entitled “Fried food heart risk a myth”.

“Victoria Taylor, senior heart health dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Before we all reach for the frying pan it’s important to remember that this was a study of a Mediterranean diet, rather than British fish and chips.”

Of course it is about diet.  The title is misleading.  It is always about diet.  The fact that they use olive or sunflower oil is of less consequence than their overall diet.  Olive and sunflower oils are probably cheaper or more available due to the climate they live in.

“A well-balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and veg and only a small amount of high fat foods, is best for a healthy heart.”

What about some meat in there lady.  Have you ever tried to eat only fruits and vegetables.  I am hungry in about twenty minutes.  Mix in a nice piece of chicken or a steak.   Protein and fat lead to a feeling of satiety.  Look if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, it is the body’s ability to convert all those extra carbs into fat that is the problem.  Decrease all the crap you are eating and eat more natural food.  I believe we should treat food as if we grew it or our neighbors grew it.  It should be minimally processed and be as natural as possible.  It should taste good without adding much of anything to it.

I plan on doing a post in the future about what I see as optimal nutrition.  But for the time being I will say according to Michael Pollan, “eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables’”  We need to start eating more like humans and less like feed cattle.