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Tenet 5- Sanitation

In this last tenet we discuss the more unpleasant things when something goes awry.   If  something does go wrong it is worth considering what you will do with your sanitation. For those who live in the hills, sanitation is not as big a problem since we have gravity to take away our waste.  Those of you who live in more low lying or flat area do have to worry about where your waste goes since many sewer districts are on electric pumps  & the possibility exists for your waste to not flow properly.  Do you have a backup plan available?

What can you do?

  • Have a way to have extra water around to help flush.
  • Have a way to prevent backflow if there is potential.  Nobody wants sewage coming back into the house.
  • Have a sanitation bucket. Usually a five gallon bucket with lime and a trash bag and a seat.

What do you do for your emergency sanitation needs?


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