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10 Simple Steps Toward Living the Prepping 101 Lifestyle

Today we talk about 10 simple steps that people can take toward making life’s road a little smoother.
Today we talk about…

  • Plan for disaster based on the simplified threat matrix.  Personal – Community – City.  99.9% of the things which can go wrong will fall into these 3 regions in your life.  There is no sense preparing for a global pandemic when you are not prepared for your wife to lose her income for two weeks because of foot surgery.  I can only say we are trying to cover the basics and once those are done, can we move to larger items.
  • Store at least 30-90 days of reserve food and water.  90% of disasters are personal, this should get you through most of them.  Having reserve food also saves you money and time.  You do not have to buy when you need it only when it is on sale.  You also get the added convenience of having your own personal convenience store in your house.
  • Plant a garden because you can only store so much food.  I want you to learn to grow your own food for a myriad of reasons.  The main two are 1) it supplements what you have stored. 2) It provides a valuable knowledge set.  Having a garden will enable you to extend your food storage for longer periods of time and give yet another piece to the diversity puzzle.  If you have 30 days worth of food and a garden you could extend this up to 45 days or more depending on how large your garden is and what type of climate you live.  Knowledge gained from the garden is invaluable.  From when to plant, what to plant with, pests, beneficial animals and insects, seed saving, food preservation, etc.  All of these skills you take with you wherever you go.
  • Debt is financial cancer, get rid of it. Enough said.
  • Understand you prepare for most disasters the same way.  We do not prepare for a specific event but for a loss of a system(s).
  • Have bug out bag (72 hour kit) for every family member.  Even the dog or cat
  • Have a plan for staying put and for leaving.  You will never know if you have to leave your house or stay for an emergency.  What if you have a storm or hurricane coming and it is better to leave and go to the in-laws?  Take you BOB and go for a day or two.  What if there is a snow storm coming?  Better to stay put and hole up at home where there is food and clothing.  You see we have to prepare for all types of events.  We do not get to pick our disaster.  Life does not give us a phone call and say “Hey, just wanted to let you know your house is going to burn down on March 16.  Have a nice day.”  This is why we prepare for leaving and staying.
  • Practice true diversity in your investment strategy.  Do not put all of your money into a 401k/403b, etc. plan.  This is just as foolish as having all your money in cash or all in gold.  What if the stock market goes up, how is your cash doing?   Same if the market goes down.  Diversity is not having all of your money in paper assets.  Look to stocks, land, commodities, cash, bonds.  Practice true diversity.
  • Learn to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors.  Have a gun (shotgun at minimum).   Most of all learn how to use it.  Go out and practice.  Get good training.  I believe all rights we have are due to the enforcement of the second amendment.
  • Everything you do to prepare should help to make life’s road a little smoother.  If nothing ever goes wrong in your life these things will make your life better.  This is the over reaching goal of what we do here, if your life is great you will be in a position to help some of those who’s life is not so good at the moment.

Remember who you are, and the skills and knowledge in your head are what matters.  What you do and stand for matter.

Prepping 101
Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


72 Hour Kit- BOB

72 hour kit- BOB- Bug out bag-
Cost anywhere from free leftovers to $500
What is it for?
To get from a point of danger to a point of safety. You can leave for 3 days and be totally self contained.
Some examples are:
  • You have to leave house because it is on fire.
  • Stuck at work and have to walk home.
  • Get stuck along the way to a secondary location.
  • There is a natural gas leak and you have to leave.
What it is not.
Go into the wilderness and live off the land kit. We are prepping for a disruption in the systems not Rambo type living. Who would want to do that anyway?
What is in it? Please add or subtract according to your needs.
  • BAG- able to put on your back with comfortable shoulder straps and waist belt. You will need to have both hands free. If you have kids you might need to be carrying them for a short time.
Food-3 days worth that does not need any prep.
  • Granola or energy bars
  • Trail mix
  • Crackers
  • Canned meat. Without can opener
  • Soup, which has water
  • Anything small, lightweight, without the need for any prep.
  • Something for kids just in case
  • Powdered Drink.
Water- Carry as much as you can. Put extra in your vehicle.
Water Purification tablets.
2 days worth of clothing.
  • One set of short sleeve and one set of long sleeve. This will enable you to be comfortable if it is hot or cool out. You can layer these two together to get some extra warmth.
  • One pair of pants. Preferebly a quick dry type.
  • Two pairs of undergarments
  • 2 pairs of socks, not cotton
  • Sturdy shoes you can run in.
Rain gear. Some sort of waterproof jacket. No ponchos. They do not protect adequately.
Blanket or bed sheet or space-blanket for warmth.
Tarp to use as improvised shelter. Can also be used on the ground.
Hammock. Good if ground is wet or if very hot out.
Flashlight. Preferably the windup or shaking kind. The new LEDs are great. Just be sure to change the batteries frequently.
Signal Flares. Not road flares.
Candles, depends on how hot it gets in your car. I live in Salt Lake City and it gets too hot in the summer for candles in the car.
Fire starter-
  • Matches
  • Lighter, refillable
  • Fire starter
Knife-Marine corp issued type knife
Multi-tool- Leatherman
Radio-wind up if possible, will need to replace batteries if it has batteries. This good to have to know what is going on. Radio stations are usually integral to getting info out to the public in an emergency.
Pen and paper. Try the waterproof paper if you can.
Personal supplies-
  • First aid kit-something basic
  • Toiletries-can also be used to start a fire or mark a try
  • Feminine products
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Comb
  • Medications-aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-histamine, prescription meds (carry two weeks)
  • Baseball cap
Cash-$300, $100 per day. More if you are carrying for a family
Extra credit card, debit card
Phone #’s
Phone card-cell phone may not work.
Prepaid cell phone. To use if your carrier goes down.
Basic tool kit, small ratchet set, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, wire cutter, small file
Pepper spray or stun gun. Do not put a gun in it. If BOB stolen then you have a stolen gun on the loose. Keep your gun on you.
Duct tape
Aluminum foil-use as mirrors, reflectors, make a cup
Small tent
Maps of the area
Better to have one bag for each with all these supplies than one large bag with everything for one person.
You will need to pick and choose what each of your children has in their pack depending on their age and ability.