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Home skills for the Survivalist

As Preppers we try to anticipate and prepare for a potential system to break down or be unavailable.  But what if your water system goes down or your furnace quits working?  Are you skilled enough to fix it or do you have to call someone?  I know you can make a mean elk burger with the elk you killed during the hunt last fall.  But when your ceiling fan goes on the fritz can you replace a switch?  As preppers we also need to remember a break down in our own home can create havoc.  Here are some things I think you should be able to do at your home.

  • Minor electrical  You should be able to do the following
    • Replace a light fixture
    • Replace a 110 outlet
    • Put a new receptacle on the end of an extension cord
  • Plumbing
    • Fix a leaky faucet
    • Replace a float valve in a leaky toilet
    • Turn of the water to your house
    • Put a new wax ring on a toilet
    • Install a toilet
    • Install a shower head or faucet
  • Carpentry
    • Put up a wall with 2 x 4’s
    • Install a door
    • Hang baseboard and casing
    • Install shelving
    • Use the following tools
      • Hammer
      • Chop saw/ mitre saw
      • Skill saw/construction saw
    • Know the difference between plumb and level
    • How to fix something which is out of square
    • Use a chainsaw
  • Finish work
    • How to prep a wall for paint
    • How to paint, both roller and brush
    • How to put up weather-stripping
    • How to install a dead bolt/ door handle
    • Fix a drawer
    • How to install ceramic tile
  • Other
    • Insulation

Here are some more advanced techniques

  • How to run new water lines
  • How to put in a P trap
  • How to put in a 220 outlet
  • How to install crown molding
  • How to install can lighting
  • Drywall and mudding
  • Insulation

These are just some of the things we should be able to do or are learning to do.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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