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Incorporating Wildlife into your Garden

Spring is upon us and it is time to start planting.  I wanted to get you to start thinking about including some wildlife in your preparations.  As the the world is continuing its maelstrom of problems, we need to continue to feed, protect and provide for ourselves.

Animals give an opportunity to accomplish some of the goals as a prepper/survivalist.

As you are thinking about animals for your homestead, think about the things which make them useful.

  • Produce food.  The animal itself is consumed.  Meat would the common thread here.
  • Useful byproducts.  Think hide, eggs
  • Useful waste.  Manure for our compost.
  • Provides entertainment.  Animals can have some fun component.  Playing with your dog is a useful activity
  • Support to other systems.  Do they protect livestock, eat slugs, keep the grass trimmed?
  • Performs a function.  Each animal should perform a function.  Dogs serve as protectors, bees pollinate.  Use the animal to perform a function instead of you having to do the function.

Some animals you may think about.

  • Rabbits- Good meat, manure, easy to care for, small space requirement.
  • Dogs- protectors, friends
  • Small swine-  meat, meat, meat.  They also work as ploughs.
  • Squirrels, Raccoons- nobody likes raccoons, especially if you have chickens.  These can be tasty items for supplementation.
  • Bees- pollinators, honey
  • Ducks-  tasty meat, eggs.  Good for mosquitoes and slugs.
  • Aquaculture- Fish, frogs, crayfish, catfish, trout.  All of these can be encouraged on a small homestead.
  • Goats and sheep.  Goats provide milk and meat.  Sheep have wool and meat.
  • Birds- Quail, pheasant or other fowl life.  Having birds around helps with the predator prey population.
  • Don’t forget the dirt life-  Worms and insects provide a wonderful resources for you dirt.

Hopefully these were some ideas to get you going.  I am trying to get a podcast going so I can go into these in a little more depth.

Do you have any other suggestions for small livestock for your homestead?

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