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Eating Healthier for a Better Life

How do you eat healthier?

There was an article at nwitimes.com about eating healthier.  Let me sum up.


How about them apples.  It goes on to chide the Western diet with all of its processed food.  In the end you will need to eat things that are good for you.

Here is my theory on what to eat.  I think you should eat things you would grow or eat which taste good raw.  Here is a list.

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Meat

Things you would not grow to eat

  • Grain
  • Beans
  • Pasta
  • Soda or other sweetened drinks
  • Anything processed- Processed not mixed together.  Salad-GOOD,  Twinkie-BAD

I know this may be a little contradictory to conventional memes, but  I have given this some thought.  I think if I had to provide for myself(and I currently do not provide everything for myself),  those are the things I would eat.  You may think why are grains on the do not eat list?  Grains take lots of energy without much result.  You grow, cut head off, thresh, winnow, all of the other things to get not much in return.  Where as an animal does a great job of converting the things you can not eat into something you can.

I think eating more fresh food will do the body good.  It is important to get a varied diet of all the above great things.  By the way I lost 30 lbs. just eating veggies, fruit and meat in 3 months.

I know some may be saying what about exercise.  I say go get some.  Do somethings humans were supposed to do.  Move around, garden, walk, hike.  Just avoid repetitive motions (i.e. push-ups or something similar).  By the way I did not exercise.  I have a herniated disc pressing on my sciatic nerve which makes it hard to walk much less work out.  If I can, you can.  Just try for 30 days.

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother.


Step 8-Exercise

Are you asking why this is part of prepping?

Exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy mental and physical outlook. Being in “shape” allows you to handle the everyday stresses that come along with living life.

Exercise is a stressor on your body. By stressing your body it adapts. This adaptation allows you to endure other life stresses with ease.

Your exercise program does not have to be super regimented.

Here are my recommendations

* Walk- This is low impact and can be varied to anyone no matter what shape they are in

* Hiking- Get out and see things you do not see in the city

* Yoga- I like yoga because of the stretching and unique body positions.

* Gardening/Yardwork- These encompass lots of “human” movements

* Biking- Low impact, able to go long distance and for longer times than other exercises

Things I do not like (if they are done to the exclusion of others)

* Running- I like running as long as it is not the only thing done.

* Repetitive motion exercises- push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.

I believe that if you have an exercise routine in which you do the same things every time then you will not be as healthy. The human body is meant to do varied exercise to maintain physical fitness. Please do not construe this as I hate running or push-ups. I think in a well encompassed routine they may be fine, but they are not what I would consider a “human movement”.

Remember, being active is what is most important. Now go outside and have some fun.

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


So in your mind you are preparing for the road of life’s bump in the road, and you are thinking “Hey, this isn’t too bad.  I think I will be ok.”  But what if the lights go out for a week like they did here in the middle of winter?  What then?  Can you shovel snow everyday?  Can you go to the gas station and haul those 5-10 gallon containers without wrecking your back?  My point here is to illustrate that when one of the systems of support goes down as you have planned for it creates extra stress in your life.  Is your body able to handle the extra stress?  Are you regularly exercising?  If not it should be part of prepping plans.


Do not make this too hard.  If you have not been exercising go for a walk.  Slowly build until you can start running.  If you want to join a gym by all means do so if it is within your budget.  You do not have to.  Realize you can get many of the same benefits by exercising at home by using your own bodyweight and you do not have to drive to the gym.

Go here for some low cost ideas


Exercises without weights



For those of you at work, here are some exercises you can do


Exercising releases those endorphins, and you feel better.  When you feel better you are able to accomplish more.

Weight Loss

I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of weight loss, but lets say that almost everyone is not at their ideal weight.  You do not have to be ripped.  If you need to loose some weight then do so.  It will improve your psyche and your fitness.  It is not easy.  First try to cut back on the bad things you eat.  Second, eat healthier things.  The less processed food you eat the better.

Turn off you TV

Enough said.  Limit your exposure.  The more time you are not consuming content the more you can accomplish.


Sleep allows your body to rest and recuperate.  I know there is a tendency to try and do to much which makes you crash.  I have found that when I have 10-15 minutes, to occupy that time with something productive rather than wasting that time.

Here are some ideas if you are not sleeping well.


We can’t run faster than we have strength.

Prepping 101- Making life’s road a little smoother.