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Step 11- Renewable Energy

You may wonder why is renewable energy one of the 12 steps?

I believe we must start to become more self-sufficient and partly disengage from the systems. Note I said systems, plural, not system. Each system is different and if we can become slightly more independent we are able to live our life with less dependency on those systems.

I believe in renewable energy since it is one of the systems which we pay for ala carte.  We pay for food ala carte. We pay for electricity ala carte. We pay for sanitation ala carte. I believe that for us to become  liberty loving free people then we must be partly disengaged from those systems.   We save our whole life in hopes we do not run out of money before our life. By becoming increasingly self-sufficient we allow ourselves to live without some of the worry and burden of money.   We also take some of the pressure off the system we are reliant on.  This is why I think renewable energy is such an important part of having a happier life.

Some of the things we can do

Let us think beyond what political leanings we have and decide to make our  road a little smoother when something does go wrong.


Making Life’s Road a Little Smooth