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2012 Resolutions

OK. OK. OK.  I sure have been a slacker. NO excuses here.  I stink.

So as we start 2012 I am going to start posting more often.  How often?  Not sure.  My plan is to write at least 2 times a week.  I would like to produce a podcast once a month and a video once a month.  So there they are in writing.

Hoping your 2012 is great.





Welcome to Prepping 101.

The place to come for those of you that are just starting out, like me.
Come along with me on a journey to having peace of mind knowing you can straighten out lifes little curves.
You will be able to accompany me as we begin to prepare ourselves for life. I will be covering those things which will help 90% of you.

Welcome and remember that it takes many small steps to walk a mile.