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Tenet 3- Security

If somebody comes for my food they are going to have to go through all my guns first.  Is this your response?

  • What about someone breaking into your car in the parking lot?
  • What if you are on a walk and a dog comes charging at you?
  • What if you are downstairs during a burglary?
  • What if you are away and your wife is at home during a burglary?

Security is more than protecting your food.  At its base form it is protecting your life and the life of others.  As a prepper your main goal is to be alive tomorrow.  I believe you as a human being have a right to live and that to secure that right it is incumbent upon you to protect yourself.  We already pay taxes for police protection, but as you know many crimes are over before the police get there.

So what can you do to protect yourself, loved ones, and your stuff?

  • Become aware of your surroundings.  Many crimes are committed because of inattentive persons.  Keep your head up and look ahead to where you are going.  Get your keys out early.  Walk with confidence.  Look like you know where you are going.  Say ‘hello’ to people you walk by and look them in the eye.
  • Carry lethal and non lethal force.  If you live in an area where you are allowed to carry a weapon, please do so.  I believe we all have rights which are ours.  With those rights comes responsibilities.  If you have the right to vote then you have the duty to exercise that right and vote.  “They” say if you don’t vote then you don’t  have a say.  If you don’t exercise your second amendment right then you won’t be able to defend yourself.  The second amendment is the right to enforce all the other rights.  If you choose or can’t carry please carry some other form of nonlethal force, maybe pepper spray or stun gun.
  • Be discreet.  Don’t go around telling everyone  the stuff you have.  You are making yourself a target.  You want to be a good neighbor and let people know about your lifestyle, but to expose all of your preps is foolish.
  • Be confident.  Confident people are less of a target.  They say to the would be attacker ‘don’t mess with me’.  Along these same lines, don’t go looking for trouble.
  • Get training.  Without the proper training you will not know what to do in the situations you may be in.  The training is not just for you.  Your spouse and children should also get training, as women and children historically are easier targets.  Without training that expensive weapon is just a heavy club.
  • Security system.  Just another way to monitor your home or vacation retreat.
  • Dog.  Dogs are great companions and protectors, provided you get the right one.  Burglars do not like big dogs.  Just sayin’.

What other things are you doing to keep your self safe?


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