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Starting a Journal

Start a Journal- Cost $FREE$
You will need to start two(2) journals.
Journal 1-Write down everything you spend money on for 30-60 days. All outgoing monies, (electricity, water, mortgage, EVERYTHING). Do not change your spending habits. Use this journal to help you get debt free. Use this as a budget as you go forward and are debt free.
Journal 2-Food journal. Write down everything you eat at home. Do not include when you go out, add this under journal 1 as eating out. Do this for at a minimum 2 weeks, preferably a month.
Color code everything. Green is everything stored at room temperature. Yellow is everything in the refrigerator. Red is everything in the freezer.
Write next to the things which are in the freezer and fridge with a substitute that can come from storage or your garden (not from the store). You may have to leave it blank until you can find a substitute. Doing this will let you see where you need to modify you diet to better accommodate those things from the garden or food storage.