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Finding Time to Prep- Part 2

Finding Time to Prep- Part 2

In part 1 we discussed

  • Making a list and prioritizing
  • You will do what you see as most important first
  • Stored food is money in the bank
  • Prepare in incremental steps
  • 2 meals a month out of food storage
  • You can’t do it overnight
  • Finishing other projects

Today we have more things to discuss.

  • Gardening is easy.  If you do it a little at a time.  I know gardening is hard work.  I have 5 raised beds and the perimeter of my backyard.  The thing I have tried to do is cultivate the garden to allow me to do as little work as possible.  I do this by mulching heavily and composting.   I am a lazy gardener.  I do not weed very often, heck weeds are part of nature right?  Try to come home from work and spend 10-15 minutes in the garden.  Pull a few weeds, check on and water the plants.  If you truly love to garden than by all means spend time, but if you are overwhelmed by the amount of preps you have then allow the garden to “grow”.
  • Get out and exercise.  Take a walk around the block.  Breathe fresh air and get to know your neighbors.  Think of exercise as community building.  See what your neighbors are planting.  Ask them gardening questions.  Last year by just walking around my neighborhood I was able to trade pears (from my immense pear tree) for other goodies.
  • Prepping builds assets while everyone else is building debt.  As you start to prep understand you are building wealth.  Those thing you can touch and feel are true wealth.  Things which hold their value are true wealth. Eliminating your debt is wealth. Food, trees, land, water, guns, knowledge.  These things are assets and wealth.  When everyone else is buying things on credit, sit back and be happy you are accumulating wealth.
  • Start building your bug out bags for both home and car.  These are great cheap things to do while in the early stages.  Have a bag for home for each family member and one for each car.  You never know what may happen.  I use my bag in my car at least once a month.  I am thirsty so I get some water or I need a flashlight.
  • Think of how long it took you to become unprepared.  It will take time to become prepared.  This has been my number one piece of advice for myself.  I have to realize it took me almost 40 years to become unprepared.  I figure it will take me at least 5-10 years to become prepared.  I know I will never be fully prepared for everything, but I will rest better knowing I am doing what I can.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan.  Write a plan and continue to revise it.  A plan allows you to focus on what is important in an objective manner.  You will be able to work as a unit with clear goals.  Along with your plan I recommend you to work on one project at a time.  Working on multiple projects can become distracting, and shows no clear focus on the most important project.  So if you can focus on one thing at a time, do so.
  • Educate yourself.  Become informed as possible.  Read the news, find new skills to learn, read opposing opinions, teach a skill to someone.  The part between your two ears is the most valuable survival item you have.  Fill it to the brim with good stuff.

I hope this has been of help to you.  If you have any other suggestions for topics please let me know.

What has helped you find time to prep?

Prepping 101
Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


Finding the Time to Prep- part 1

Finding the Time to Prep- part 1

If you are new to the preparedness community you may already have the feeling of being overwhelmed.  It never stops.  I have been preparing for a few years and still feel overwhelmed.  I wanted to discuss dome things to help reduce the anxiety which comes form having to many things to prepare for.

I think we as preppers have seen the “light” and somewhat know what is coming our way or we have an inherent sense of these things.  So here are some things to help you relieve some stress.

  • Make a list of all the things you want to do and prioritize.  I know as you look at the list it may appear daunting the amount of things you need to do.  Realize the list you have made is a pie in the sky list.  You will probably not heave either enough time or money to complete everything on the list.  Realize first and foremost it is ok to not get something done.  Every day of your life you have chosen, I repeat CHOSEN, not to do something. If you did everything you would not have anything to do.  I think realizing this helped me the most of all the things I do to reduce anxiety.
  • The things you see as being most important are the ones which will get done.  This is why you have to continually re-prioritize your list.  Things in life come up, you have a baby, your kids move away, you lose your job.  These are all part of life and as things change you will be able to rearrange your list to accommodate these changes.
  • The food you have stored is better than money in the bank.  The food you bought today will be cheaper than the food you purchase in six months.  We are buying food at today’s prices to consume at a later date.  Since food goes up in price we are buying it at a discount.  This capital deferral actually saves us money in the long run.  We no longer HAVE to buy food when we need it, we buy it when it is on sale.  Knowing you do not HAVE to buy food today is a wonderful stress reliever.
  • Look at your preps in incremental steps, especially food storage.  Start with copy canning.  When you go to the store to buy corn, instead of buying one can you buy two.  Put one can on the shelf and the other in storage.  Do this until you have what you want for food storage.  This incremental approach will mitigate any anxiety you may have over acquiring extra food.  Do this with all of your projects.  Break them down into tiny steps you can accomplish.
  • Try to make 2 meals a month out of your food storage.  This will help you identify the areas you are weak.  You will then be able to fill in the holes.  Doing this once or twice a month allows you to slowly identify where you need help.  Thus reducing your anxiety.  This also takes minimal time.
  • Realize you can’t do it all overnight.  Even the tiny ant takes spring, winter, and fall to accumulate enough for winter.  You are just a bigger ant.  Slow methodical accumulation of preps is the best way.  Life continues to change and as you move slowly you will be able to modify your plan to accommodate your familial needs.
  • Preparedness is not just about stuff.  Realize there are things around your house which need to be done.  Are there projects you need to finish?  We have decided to put off some preps this year because we are remodeling our basement.  Having our basement finished will allow us to sell our house and move into one with a lower payment.  We won’t be able to sell our house if the basement is not done.  So remember to put some of those household projects in your list as part of your preps.  A home in need of repair does you no good in an emergency.

Tomorrow we will discuss,

  • Gardening
  • Exercising
  • Building your assets
  • Bug out bags
  • Planning
  • Education

Prepping 101
Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother

Step 8-Exercise

Are you asking why this is part of prepping?

Exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy mental and physical outlook. Being in “shape” allows you to handle the everyday stresses that come along with living life.

Exercise is a stressor on your body. By stressing your body it adapts. This adaptation allows you to endure other life stresses with ease.

Your exercise program does not have to be super regimented.

Here are my recommendations

* Walk- This is low impact and can be varied to anyone no matter what shape they are in

* Hiking- Get out and see things you do not see in the city

* Yoga- I like yoga because of the stretching and unique body positions.

* Gardening/Yardwork- These encompass lots of “human” movements

* Biking- Low impact, able to go long distance and for longer times than other exercises

Things I do not like (if they are done to the exclusion of others)

* Running- I like running as long as it is not the only thing done.

* Repetitive motion exercises- push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.

I believe that if you have an exercise routine in which you do the same things every time then you will not be as healthy. The human body is meant to do varied exercise to maintain physical fitness. Please do not construe this as I hate running or push-ups. I think in a well encompassed routine they may be fine, but they are not what I would consider a “human movement”.

Remember, being active is what is most important. Now go outside and have some fun.

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


So in your mind you are preparing for the road of life’s bump in the road, and you are thinking “Hey, this isn’t too bad.  I think I will be ok.”  But what if the lights go out for a week like they did here in the middle of winter?  What then?  Can you shovel snow everyday?  Can you go to the gas station and haul those 5-10 gallon containers without wrecking your back?  My point here is to illustrate that when one of the systems of support goes down as you have planned for it creates extra stress in your life.  Is your body able to handle the extra stress?  Are you regularly exercising?  If not it should be part of prepping plans.


Do not make this too hard.  If you have not been exercising go for a walk.  Slowly build until you can start running.  If you want to join a gym by all means do so if it is within your budget.  You do not have to.  Realize you can get many of the same benefits by exercising at home by using your own bodyweight and you do not have to drive to the gym.

Go here for some low cost ideas


Exercises without weights



For those of you at work, here are some exercises you can do


Exercising releases those endorphins, and you feel better.  When you feel better you are able to accomplish more.

Weight Loss

I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of weight loss, but lets say that almost everyone is not at their ideal weight.  You do not have to be ripped.  If you need to loose some weight then do so.  It will improve your psyche and your fitness.  It is not easy.  First try to cut back on the bad things you eat.  Second, eat healthier things.  The less processed food you eat the better.

Turn off you TV

Enough said.  Limit your exposure.  The more time you are not consuming content the more you can accomplish.


Sleep allows your body to rest and recuperate.  I know there is a tendency to try and do to much which makes you crash.  I have found that when I have 10-15 minutes, to occupy that time with something productive rather than wasting that time.

Here are some ideas if you are not sleeping well.


We can’t run faster than we have strength.

Prepping 101- Making life’s road a little smoother.