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Step 7- Get an Education and Get a Job

This one seems fairly self-explanatory, But you would be amazed at how many people will ask about prepping but not have a job.  Or don’t have enough income to cover the bills.

First is get an education.  The “better” your education, the “better” job you will get.  We can go in circles about the value of an education but the important thing is to get an education in something that will provide a living for you and your family.  Once you get the education continue to learn as much as possible about whatever interests you. My phrase is “It is not the education that matters, but the application of the education which matters”. What you do is more important than what you received.  I have found this to be helpful in everything I learn.

Second is having a job. It seems self evident that you need a job, but if you don’t then it is impossible to continue to prepare.  A job provides income in which to do the things you would Ike to do.

This is one of those steps if it doesn’t exist, creates a stopping point, and makes you realize what it means in the scheme of things in being able to accomplish your goals.

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