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Documentation Package

Documentation Package-
Cost- less than $20
This is package contains important information you will need in an emergency or a simple trip to the emergency room.
You will need a three ring binder (less than $10) and a printer. You will want to put one of these in each of your cars, one in your home and any other places you may deem necessary. If money is tight then you can use a large ziploc bag.
1- Information of everyone you know. The name, address, phone #, cell phone #, etc. of EVERYONE you know. This includes but not limited to family, friends, neighbors, employees, coworkers, employers, etc.
2- Information of all services you may need in an emergency. This includes government services, government employees, tree services, plumbers, electricians, lumber yard, equipment rentals, etc.
Here is a list of what you may potentially put in your packet.
Financial Documents

1. copies of the fronts and backs of debit/credit cards
2. copies of house and car titles
3. copy of your will or living trust
4. names, addresses and phone numbers of all banks
5. other important documents related to employment and/or a family business
6. copies of your insurance policies (life, health, auto, homeowners, etc.)
Personal Documents

1. names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of relatives and close friends, neighbors, employers, employee, work associates, EVERYONE you can think of.

2. copies of:

* marriage license
* birth certificates

* drivers licenses
* CCW permits
* pet vaccine records
* passports
* Social Security cards

3. a list of firearm serial numbers
4. legal documents pertaining to child custody or adoption
5. recent photos of each family member and each pet
military documents
Medical Documents

copy of health insurance cards
a list of blood types for each family member
3. names, addresses and phone numbers of all doctors
4. medical histories of each family member
5. immunization records
6. a list of current prescriptions, dosage, and pharmacy contact information
1. Lumber yard
2. Tree service
3. Plumber
4. Electrician
5. Roofer
3- Pick three(3) locations you would go if you had to leave your home or could not return to your home. This could be your parents place, in-laws, secret hideaway, motel. Print out on Google maps three different ways to get to each of the three places. Also mark 3 rendezvous places along the way. At those 3 rendezvous places you will need to leave a marker(from your package, pre known by everyone in your family) indicating you have been there and are on your way to Location A,B or C.
4- Print out and put in your cars and home. If you are concerned with security then use a simple encryption code. Lets say your phone number is 123-456-7890, then using a +2 encryption the new number is 345-678-9012. You can use any number you want. It can be + or – any number.
This is an easy, low cost way to prepare for you future.
Until next time.