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10 Simple Steps Toward Living the Prepping 101 Lifestyle

Today we talk about 10 simple steps that people can take toward making life’s road a little smoother.
Today we talk about…

  • Plan for disaster based on the simplified threat matrix.  Personal – Community – City.  99.9% of the things which can go wrong will fall into these 3 regions in your life.  There is no sense preparing for a global pandemic when you are not prepared for your wife to lose her income for two weeks because of foot surgery.  I can only say we are trying to cover the basics and once those are done, can we move to larger items.
  • Store at least 30-90 days of reserve food and water.  90% of disasters are personal, this should get you through most of them.  Having reserve food also saves you money and time.  You do not have to buy when you need it only when it is on sale.  You also get the added convenience of having your own personal convenience store in your house.
  • Plant a garden because you can only store so much food.  I want you to learn to grow your own food for a myriad of reasons.  The main two are 1) it supplements what you have stored. 2) It provides a valuable knowledge set.  Having a garden will enable you to extend your food storage for longer periods of time and give yet another piece to the diversity puzzle.  If you have 30 days worth of food and a garden you could extend this up to 45 days or more depending on how large your garden is and what type of climate you live.  Knowledge gained from the garden is invaluable.  From when to plant, what to plant with, pests, beneficial animals and insects, seed saving, food preservation, etc.  All of these skills you take with you wherever you go.
  • Debt is financial cancer, get rid of it. Enough said.
  • Understand you prepare for most disasters the same way.  We do not prepare for a specific event but for a loss of a system(s).
  • Have bug out bag (72 hour kit) for every family member.  Even the dog or cat
  • Have a plan for staying put and for leaving.  You will never know if you have to leave your house or stay for an emergency.  What if you have a storm or hurricane coming and it is better to leave and go to the in-laws?  Take you BOB and go for a day or two.  What if there is a snow storm coming?  Better to stay put and hole up at home where there is food and clothing.  You see we have to prepare for all types of events.  We do not get to pick our disaster.  Life does not give us a phone call and say “Hey, just wanted to let you know your house is going to burn down on March 16.  Have a nice day.”  This is why we prepare for leaving and staying.
  • Practice true diversity in your investment strategy.  Do not put all of your money into a 401k/403b, etc. plan.  This is just as foolish as having all your money in cash or all in gold.  What if the stock market goes up, how is your cash doing?   Same if the market goes down.  Diversity is not having all of your money in paper assets.  Look to stocks, land, commodities, cash, bonds.  Practice true diversity.
  • Learn to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors.  Have a gun (shotgun at minimum).   Most of all learn how to use it.  Go out and practice.  Get good training.  I believe all rights we have are due to the enforcement of the second amendment.
  • Everything you do to prepare should help to make life’s road a little smoother.  If nothing ever goes wrong in your life these things will make your life better.  This is the over reaching goal of what we do here, if your life is great you will be in a position to help some of those who’s life is not so good at the moment.

Remember who you are, and the skills and knowledge in your head are what matters.  What you do and stand for matter.

Prepping 101
Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


Staying safe and balanced in a Digital iWorld

Staying safe and balanced in a Digital iWorld

We live a  world where everything is digital.  We have computer tablets, gaming systems, phones, music players, and more.  Just like the internet these things can be used for good or bad.

We can communicate with loved ones or ignore our other family members.

We can use it to bring ourselves closer to each other or we can idle away our time looking at nothing in particular.

We can use it to save time or we can waste away time by posting our status update.

We can use it to increase our knowledge, education, enlighten us or use it to denigrate,  enslave, and addict us.

Yes there is much thanksgiving for our digital times.  We have so many resources at our fingertips to uplift our children, members of our community via social networks and text messaging.

How do we harness this wonderful technology to do good while not becoming entrapped  in its ill effects?

Set Limits

Just as you would not allow someone to drive a car until they were properly trained, so it is with the internet.  Children should be monitored by parents.  Parents should show kids what sites are appropriate.  As they get older the parent will be able to see what their children are watching.  By setting guidelines early, they will know what is expected of them.

  • Keep the computer in view of the parent.  We keep the computer in the kitchen.  It is easier for us to monitor what is being watched.  Parents will need to learn how to use the devices the kids are using and how to make sure improper content is not being downloaded.  You may have to delete certain application and put in a password so kids can’t download unwanted programs.
  • Show kids how to use the device properly.  Tell them what a proper post should and should not be, and how to handle improper texting and cyberbullying.
  • All devices are to remain unlocked (or parents are to have the code).  They can be checked at any time the parent feels like it.  Parents should insist on being ‘friends’ with their children.  I know this is easy to circumnavigate, but you want the child to know you love them and care about their well being.
  • Set time limits.  When they can be turned on in the morning and when they must be turned off at night.
  • Have days when there are no digital devices to be turned on.   This of course will apply to parents also.  This will encourage them to engage their mind in something constructive.

What are some of the warning signs of digital abuse?

    • Not engaging in activities in order to check email or social networking sites
    • Constantly looking at device for updates
    • Not being physically active.
    • Unable to focus.  Using the internet as downtime
    • ‘In the bedroom alone’ frequently
    • Using the internet as an excuse to not do something.
    • Family members spend little time together.  Each is in their own room in front of a screen.
    • Using the device to entertain a child, rather than engaging him/her.
    • Spending long stretches of time on the internet viewing questionable material.
    • Checking the device multiple times within a conversation.

How are you keeping safe in the digital iWorld?

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother

Preparedness Firearms

I believe you have a right to protect your life, your neighbors and your family.  Therefore I think everyone should have a basic firearm in the house and be trained on how to use it.  There are lots of guns available and we can get caught up in what is the best but today I will be discussing what I see are the initial guns you might want to start with.


This is in my view the most versatile gun you can have.  It can have lighter loads for target practice, bird shot, buck shot and slugs.  It is accurate out to about 100 yards, which makes it a great hunting weapon.  They come in various gauges to fit almost any need or size of person.  It truly is an all around weapon.  Nothing sends an intruder running like the rack of a shotgun.

Centerfire Rifle

These are used more for hunting, but are a great alternative if it’s all you have.  They are high powered and able to inflict damage farther than a shotgun.  While there is much debate as to what the best round is, I like the .308 or 30-06.  Tried and true and good for almost all game.  You could step down to a smaller caliber depending on your area, but I like the above two caliber due to their popularity and availability of ammo.


I am not going to open a can of worms and tell you what caliber to buy.  A good handgun with proper training will be able to do its job.  Buy what feels good in your hand.  You fellas may have to find a gun which fits your wife’s hand better than your own.  We carry a handgun because we can not carry a rifle.  A handgun is a compromise.  I would rather shoot from a distance than up close, but compromises have to be made.

Some of you may want to consider two handguns, one for winter and one for summer.  I have a full size one for winter and a small pocket-size for summer.  I get to wear shorts in the summer and a full size weapon does not make sense for me. I recommend trying to rent guns at ranges before you buy.

.22 Rifle

A good quality .22 rifle is a great investment.  Ammo is cheap.  You can train with it since the recoil is light.  They are great for training with children.  We have a .22 single shot.  All of our girls love to shoot it.


Guns without proper training are just expensive pieces of metal.  Make sure you get the training you need before you buy a bunch of weapons.  I would rather you have one weapon you knew how to use well than a bunch you didn’t.

We may have the right to bear arms, but with that right comes the responsibility to use the weapon properly.  We must be responsible with our guns.  We need to keep them safe and properly train those around us about their proper use.

Guns are tools and used in the right way will keep us prepared and protected.  This is why I think you should build up to the “4 gun core” of shotgun, handgun, centerfire rifle, and .22 rifle.  These are the great building blocks of a great gun collection.  They allow you do almost anything you would want in most situations.


Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


Establishing a Neighborhood Watch

I attended a neighborhood watch meeting last. I wanted to present what took place and the things we can do to improve security in our neighborhoods.  I will write about vehicle burglaries, home burglaries and drug activity.  These are the most common things that occur in my neighborhood.

English: Neighborhood watch sign in Jefferson ...

When starting a neighborhood watch program it is important to have a block captain.  This person disseminates the information from the police to the neighborhood.  They will need whatever information you can give them to be able to do this.

Vehicle Burglaries

Vehicle burglaries are quick and hard to find the perpetrator.  Since they occur so quickly the car owner has to take more precautions.

What to do?

  • Lock doors.  I know this sounds obvious, but the majority of burglaries took place when the doors are unlocked.  Criminals want an easy score.
  • Put anything that looks like it might be of value out of sight.  This includes ipods, cd players, phones, any electronic.  Do not forget things like make up bags, sunglass cases, small wallet type holders.  I know you may think there is nothing of value in there, but you do not want a criminal thinking there is something in there, break your window and you are left to clean up the mess, pay for the window and have to replace your items.
  • Do not keep anything in the trunk unless it is ok that it is stolen.  Try not to put things of value in the trunk.  I know you may have to, but realize there are people that will watch you take your valuables out of your car and put them in the trunk. When you leave they just open the front door pop the trunk and take what you put in there.

Home burglaries

Most take place between 6 am and 6 pm.  That’s right.  During the day.  They watch you get in your car,  take your kids to school and go to work only to leave your house with no one home for the whole day.

What to do and how to prevent?

  • In our city you need a permit to solicit door to door.  This was something I did not know.  The police officer also said that there were no permits given out in the last 2 years.  Great knowledge since we seem to have perpetual solicitors in the summer.
  • Someone wandering around the neighborhood with a backpack.  Since I live by a high school it is not uncommon to see kids with backpacks.  I am supposed to look for “older people” wandering with backpacks.  These may include adults that look like they should not be there or kids wandering during odd hours of the day.
  • People on yours or others property with odd excuses.  Like, I am looking for my dog.  In my backyard?  I dont think so.  People will often wander to the front door just to see if it is unlocked.  If so they may try and go inside and have some sort of excuse as to why they did not knock.
  • Look for slow moving vehicles.  Especially during odd hours of the day.
  • Look for vehicles you don’t recognize at other people’s houses.  You usually will know what your neighbors are driving.
  • Safeguard your exterior.  Trim shrubs and trees so they make it unable for someone to access your windows.
  • Lock your doors.  All of them.  All the time.  An open door is an invitation for someone to enter anytime they want whether you are home or not.
  • Get motion lights.  Your neighbors are more likely to look up from what they are doing if a light comes on.  So are you.
  • Maintain your yard.  Mow your lawn before you go on vacation.  Bring in your trash cans.  Pick up newspapers.  These are signs you are not home to an intruder.
  • Lock up your tools.  An easy quick target for someone.
  • Try and keep the neighborhood clean.  Just like the broken window theory.  Once it looks like no one live there it becomes easier for others to come to the neighborhood and steal.
  • Lock and close your garage.  An open garage is an open invitation for someone walking by to take something, Anything to get their fix.
  • Get a dog.  Criminals are less likely to commit a crime at a house with something barking.
  • Preparing for a vacation.  Tell a neighbor.  Close the shades.  Shovel the driveway of snow.

Drug activity

  • Look for short term traffic.  Usually less than 15 minutes.
  • At a home.  Look for lots of different vehicles during all hours of the day
  • The  homeowner does not have a job.  No job and lots of cars coming and going is a sure sign.
  • The same vehicle arrives at the same time every day.
  • Sometimes you will see the same car multiple times during the day.

Having a neighborhood watch builds community and keeps you safe.  One of the most important things in an emergency is to have good neighbors.  Knowing and being aware of your neighbors makes you a good neighbor.

What is your experience with a neighborhood watch?

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother



Tenet 3- Security

If somebody comes for my food they are going to have to go through all my guns first.  Is this your response?

  • What about someone breaking into your car in the parking lot?
  • What if you are on a walk and a dog comes charging at you?
  • What if you are downstairs during a burglary?
  • What if you are away and your wife is at home during a burglary?

Security is more than protecting your food.  At its base form it is protecting your life and the life of others.  As a prepper your main goal is to be alive tomorrow.  I believe you as a human being have a right to live and that to secure that right it is incumbent upon you to protect yourself.  We already pay taxes for police protection, but as you know many crimes are over before the police get there.

So what can you do to protect yourself, loved ones, and your stuff?

  • Become aware of your surroundings.  Many crimes are committed because of inattentive persons.  Keep your head up and look ahead to where you are going.  Get your keys out early.  Walk with confidence.  Look like you know where you are going.  Say ‘hello’ to people you walk by and look them in the eye.
  • Carry lethal and non lethal force.  If you live in an area where you are allowed to carry a weapon, please do so.  I believe we all have rights which are ours.  With those rights comes responsibilities.  If you have the right to vote then you have the duty to exercise that right and vote.  “They” say if you don’t vote then you don’t  have a say.  If you don’t exercise your second amendment right then you won’t be able to defend yourself.  The second amendment is the right to enforce all the other rights.  If you choose or can’t carry please carry some other form of nonlethal force, maybe pepper spray or stun gun.
  • Be discreet.  Don’t go around telling everyone  the stuff you have.  You are making yourself a target.  You want to be a good neighbor and let people know about your lifestyle, but to expose all of your preps is foolish.
  • Be confident.  Confident people are less of a target.  They say to the would be attacker ‘don’t mess with me’.  Along these same lines, don’t go looking for trouble.
  • Get training.  Without the proper training you will not know what to do in the situations you may be in.  The training is not just for you.  Your spouse and children should also get training, as women and children historically are easier targets.  Without training that expensive weapon is just a heavy club.
  • Security system.  Just another way to monitor your home or vacation retreat.
  • Dog.  Dogs are great companions and protectors, provided you get the right one.  Burglars do not like big dogs.  Just sayin’.

What other things are you doing to keep your self safe?


Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother