What You Do Matters

As I was driving down the road today listening to the radio I was struck by the amazing turn of events in our nation.  We now have the Vatican being put on a list of potential money laundering countries.  Now this looks innocuous enough, but I believe we are starting to see the wielding of the power of the government.  I started to feel overwhelmed the direction we are going.  How many people just do not see what is happening.  This led me to thinking about what we can do as individuals.

I was struck by the awesome power of the individual and what the individual can do.  Within the last two years I have done the following.

  • Started a garden
  • Only home debt
  • Money in savings
  • Food storage
  • Learned plumbing and electrical
  • Bought a generator
  • Planted 2 new fruit trees
  • Grew vegetables from seed
  • Started Prepping 101

I do not list these things to pump myself up, but to show you what can be done.  Doing these things have decreased stress in my life and have shown my family we can make it.  We have changed ourselves and helped to change our neighborhood.

I was just reminded of the all things we can do to make our life better.  I thank all of you who have been a part of this community and given me the drive to continue posting.  I am going to start podcasting.  My job has me frequently traveling within the city.  I usually have between 15-60 minutes of driving between jobs. I think audio lends itself well to what we talk about here.  If there are any special topics you would like me to cover let me know.


I should have a “real” website up by the end of the month.  I already have about 20 podcasts in the queue.  The domain name is Prepping101.com.  You can go there and it takes you to this wordpress blog(where you are now).

I wanted to say Thank You.  What you do matters.  It matters to me.  It matters to your family.  It matters to your neighborhood.  Your ability to take responsibility for yourself makes all the difference to those around you.  I applaud you and am grateful for you.

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road A Little Smoother


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