Why we Prepare.

There is an old fable from Aesop called the “Ant and the Grasshopper.”

It goes a little like this (I am paraphrasing).

There once was a grasshopper and an ant.  Each were going about their business.  The ant was busily putting away food for he knew winter was coming.  The grasshopper would say to him, ‘Ant, why don’t you play with me, there is much abundance now and winter is not coming for a long time?’

To which the ant would reply, “Grasshopper, of course there is much now, for it is summer and the fields are ready for harvest.  But winter will come soon and you will be left in the cold and have no food.  A ask of you to prepare now while it is not too late.”

Meanwhile, the grasshopper went about his merry way frolicking in the fields and gallivanting about.  The ant was also busy doing what he does, putting away food for the long winter.  Every once in a while the ant would go and play, but soon he realized there was work to be done.

As fall started to approach the night became a little cooler and the food became a little more scarce.  And yet the grasshopper would say to the ant, “Why don’t you come and play a little?  There is still much food available.”  The ant would shake his head and realize the grasshopper was only doing what grasshoppers do.  Meanwhile the ant continued to put away food for the winter.

Soon it was almost winter and very cold outside.  Most of the food had died and the grasshopper was left outside shivering in the cold.  He soon knocked on the ants door and asked if he could have some food.  To which the ant replied, “i am sorry grasshopper, we have prepared all year-long and we only have enough food for ourselves.”  During that night the grasshopper succumbed to the harsh, cold night.  In the morning the ants went outside, scooped the grasshopper up and put him in their food storage.

I have changed the ended to better reflect what real life is like.  All of us ants in the world can not possibly help every grasshopper.  It is up to us to prepare for ourselves and family first and then to try and prepare for others.

The lesson in the fable is those who don’t prepare die.  The grasshopper dies.  We have changed the fable to reflect a more PC culture, not realizing the true nature of the grasshopper.  Be an ant.

I ask you through your actions to show everyone that as an ant you can change for the better.  Your life will become better whether systems break down or not.  Realize no matter what you do, what you do matters.

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


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