Are You Preparing for Nothing?

What happens if we do all these preparations and nothing goes wrong?

I am made fun of sometimes for being prepared.  Mostly people will say “Are you one of those survival types?”  NO.  Number one I don’t like the word survivalist, I like being prepared.  There are no tin foil hatters involved with preparedness.  It sounds more prudent. If nothing goes wrong then I am ahead is how I see it.

When you prepare you are ready for what may eventually happen.  Why do you carry a spare tire in your car?  Because the zombies might eat one and then you will have another?  NO.  You carry a spare tire because things happen.  We can’t control everything, but we can prepare for eventuality.  You see being prepared is not something new.

Everyone up until your grandparents stored food.  Why?  They knew this winter would be lean and what if next years harvest was not as big.  Well, what if Chile has a bad harvest?  What if prices go up next year?  They do go up you know.

You see being prepared has many advantages over not being prepared.  If our car blows a tire, we can change it and be on our way.  If we want some peaches in winter we can go downstairs and get some.  When wheat goes from $7 to $11 in a month, we are glad we stored a little extra.  When the water heater breaks, we are glad we have some money in savings.  When our wife dies, we are glad we have life insurance.

Being prepared is not always about zombies.  It is about being prudent.  Anticipating what may happen and what has happened in the past.   We know things go in cycles and we prepare for those things to happen again.  That is why we don’t prepare for events.  We prepare for systems of support to break down.  It is why I focus on the 5 tenets.  Food, water, shelter, energy, sanitation.  These are the systems which may break down.

Realize that being prepared is about being human.  Nothing gives someone more guilt than knowing they could have done something but didn’t.

Remember your preparedness plan is your own.  You are the master of your own destiny.  I am here to give suggestions as I see them.

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother



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