Producer vs. Consumer

Are you a producer or consumer?  Or both?  Which do you favor?

As a prepper you will need to be both of them.  How much of each is up to you?

A consumer is someone who uses.   You consume food, TV, gas, energy, etc.

A producer makes.  You produce food, a service, a good, a product.


I want to start off with the good of consuming.  We need consumption.  We have to eat, drink, go to a job, etc.  These are things we consume to stay alive.  You reading this blog is consumption.  There is nothing wrong with consumption as long as it is not the only thing you do. We should be consuming content as part of our continued learning objective.  Without consumption we can’t learn to do something new.  So please consume all the content you want from this site:)


If all you are doing is consuming content, you are not doing any work.  By this I mean if you read preparedness blogs all day but do not do any preparedness then you are not becoming prepared.  We must moderate our consumption.  We need to learn something new, then we need to go do it.  Nobody likes an armchair quarterback telling what to do without having done it or tried it.


Here you implement what you have learned.  Humans are meant to be producers.  In the preparedness community we must be producers.

Things we can produce

  • Food- Plant a garden
  • Energy- Get some alternative energy
  • Content- Do you teach others what you have learned?  Do you give something of value back?

There is a balance between the two.  I tend to be more of a producer.  I get online, find out how to do what I want  and then go do it.  I then try to share my knowledge here.

I ask you to start using your time wisely.  Make a list of the things you want to do and learn all you can about them and go do them.  Start a garden, store some food, save some money, replace your oil, change your brakes, learn to sew, cook a meal, give service.  Accomplish all you can because you can.

It is not the education which matters, only the application of it.

What are some of the ways you are becoming a producer?


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