5 Basic Food Preservation Skills for the Prepper

As a preparedness minded people, we are concerned about what to do with all the food we have grown or the good deal we received at the farmers market.  I think the following 5 skills should be part of our repertoire.  It may take a while to learn so do not get discouraged.

  1. Canning- This is usually what people think of when you talk about preserving food.  Canning fruits is one of the easiest things to do.  Let’s say you are doing peaches.  You pick the fruit.  Peel the skin.  Put the fruit into the jar.  Add sugar water( I like mine less sweet, but others prefer heavy syrup).  Put a lid on the jar.  Put in canner for about 20 minutes.  Voila, canned peaches.  I recommend Ball Book of Canning
  2. Dehydration- This is as simple as leaving herbs or fruit on a cookie sheet to dry.  You then can put them is a canning jar or other type of container and eat later.  This is  a great way to store such things as peppers, onions, herbs, carrots.  You can reconstitute with a little water and add them to eggs for an omelet  or soups.   You can also purée fruits and make fruit roll ups.  Excalibur Dehydrators are the best out there.
  3. Smoking/Curing- Mmmmm,  bacon & ham.  I do love me a pork product.  This is slightly more involved and on my to do list.  I have not quite learned this yet.  If you like BBQ you will love this.
  4. Freezing, blanching and flash freezing-  This is the easiest to do.  Depending on the fruit or vegetable you will need to blanch first.  Then you put the food on a cookie sheet for about 10 minutes, so each piece will freeze the exterior.  Then you put them in a bag and put in your freezer.  You can also vacuum seal them if you want.
  5. Pickling, not just for pickles. You can also make sauerkraut

Canning- Pick your own is a great site.

Canning- Ball, the maker of the mason jar.

Dehydration- Excalibur dehydrators.

Smoking/Curing- Curing meat site.

Pickling-Learn how to pickle

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Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother


2 responses to “5 Basic Food Preservation Skills for the Prepper

  1. I’m dehydrating lemons right now. It’s nice to be able to buy a few when they’re in season and have enough for tea the rest of the year without worrying about them going bad.

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