Are You Overwhelmed?

Today’s post is about me.

I am totally overwhelmed.  I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them.  I have a normal job which takes up way too much time.  I have this blog which I love to do and am committed to doing.  I also have a wife who works and three kids.  So how am I going to fix this problem?

  1. Make a list of all the things I need to do and when they should be finished.  I am using OmniFocus for Mac (it is also available for iPhone and iPad).  It has done wonders for getting things out of my head.
  2. Setting Limits-  I think part of being overwhelmed is I have made the due dates too soon for many of the items.  I will go in and change them this weekend.
  3. Prioritize-  Making sure you are working on the most important things is probably the hardest for me, since I want to do the things I like or I think are more important.  Sometimes this makes for an unharmonious marriage (something to be avoided at all costs).
  4. Eliminate-  Get rid of or delegate tasks.  Sometimes we take on too many things.  Delete those which are not important.
  5. Organize work day into bigger blocks of time- ideally 60-90 minutes.
  6. Breathe deep-  Think about breaking up projects into bite size morsels.  By doing this you will reduce the enormity of the project into doable portions.
  7. Say no- This one is hard for me, but I need to learn to say I don’t have time right now for that.
  8. Take a 5 minute break-  This helps me to let go of all the things which I need to do, so I can refocus.  Sometimes getting up from the desk and visiting a coworker is all I need.
  9. Take a mini vacation-  Go home and leave work at work.  This is hard to do when self employed, but it is something you have to do every once in a while.
  10. Remember all your blessings-  Every once in a while I sit back and think of all the great people, family, friends,  and heck , you followers of my writing.  It puts a smile on my face and allows me to continue.

Remember we are trying to smooth the road, not eliminate all the potholes.

What do you do to reduce stress?

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2 responses to “Are You Overwhelmed?

  1. Great tips! Right now, I’m focusing on prioritizing and cutting items from my list. It’s so easy to load up the to-do list with things that really aren’t that important. When I’m overwhelmed is the best time to look at the list and be ruthless, because that’s when I most need some freedom. Thanks for the post!

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