Cooking with herbs

Every day of your life you probably eat three times a day.  I would venture to guess that most of you cook 1, maybe two meals a day.  The ability to cook has many preparedness uses.

  • Knowing how to cook means you have a skill no one can take from you.  By learning to cook you also know what goes into your food.  I believe this will make you a healthier eater.  It goes along with my theory, you should eat minimally processed food.
  • You are able to make things with only what you have at home.  You have recipes to go by.  The food in your storage is your guide.  This promotes creativity.
  • You are using all those fresh veggies from your garden.

Herbs add extra spice and flavor to what might be an ordinary meal.  There are five basic herbs you should have in your kitchen.  They are:

  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary

Additionally garlic should also be grown in your garden along with some others, but these are the mainstays.

Ideas for Basil

  • In a salad- Simply add some fresh basil to any salad
  • Pesto- Basil is a mainstay of pesto.  Goes well with pasta and on bread

Ideas for Dill

  • Clam dip- add some to your favorite clam dip recipe
  • Fish- Dill helps with the fishy taste of fish.
  • On vegetables-  Great on carrots
  • On eggs

Ideas for Oregano

  • Making super awesome spaghetti sauce- add some to your store-bought sauce to make it extra special
  • Add to soups

Ideas for Parsley

  • Soups-  use the stems
  • Salads

Ideas for Rosemary

  • Bread- add some on top of or in your homemade bread
  • Potatoes- add some when you pan fry potatoes

Experiment.  The great thing about herbs is they dont have to have a particular use.  Use them when you feel like it.  Mix it up and have fun.

There are also a few other herbs you might want to experiment with.

  • Cilantro- what makes a homemade salsa “homemade”
  • Mint- Love it in some summertime lemonade
  • Sage- great on meat or sausage
  • Chives-  add just enough onion flavor

Here are some sites about herbs and their medicinal properties

Most of all have fun

Prepping 101

Making Life’s Road a Little Smother


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