Reuters Story on Preppers

Here is a story from Reuters about Preppers.

Rather than just post the article I thought I would comment just a bit

“Some are driven by a fear of imminent societal collapse, others are worried about terrorism, and many have a vague concern that an escalating series of natural disasters is leading to some type of environmental cataclysm.”

I don’t know. What about loosing your job. Or maybe the power goes out for a week or more.  We prepare more for the things which are most common not the ones that are least common.

Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck seems to preach preppers’ message when he tells listeners: “It’s never too late to prepare for the end of the world as we know it.”

Yeah, make sure you throw in a little Glenn Beck.  That should stave off the masses and show how crazy these people are.

They even cite James Rawles.  “We could see a cascade of higher interest rates, margin calls, stock market collapses, bank runs, currency revaluations, mass street protests, and riots,” he told Reuters. “The worst-case end result would be a Third World War, mass inflation, currency collapses, and long term power grid failures.”

WOW.  Talk about scare tactics.  While Survivalblog is a very popular site.  It tends to focus on catastrophic topic rather than the day to day things we can do.  I like to focus on the things you can do to get started, since most of us do not have the time or money to buy things like Night goggles, land in rural areas to bug out or multiple years of food.  We are trying to prepare for the most likely not the least likely.

While it is nice of the mainstream media to bring preparing to the forefront.  They once again paint us a fear based crazies that think Mad Max is coming next week.  I think we should realize preparing for life’s bumps in the road is just prudent living.

What do you think?

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