Step 9- Be Charitable

Charity begins at home.

That’s how it starts. Being prepared means having extra to help those in need not just incase of your own personal emergency. We prepare to help those that can’t or don’t.  We don’t judge, we just help.
I think charity is an indication of the person you are. You believe that the more you give the more you receive. When we give what we say that what we value is relationships over things.
How can we be more charitable?  When we give of ourselves, we see how blessed we are and that our life is “pretty good”.
What to Give
  • Time- Time is your most valuable resource. We are all very busy. When we take time out of our schedule to show someone they are important it shows how much we value the other person.
  • Money- Because sometimes it is all you have.
  • Food- Do you have food that is about to expire? Give it to the food bank. Make an extra loaf of bread and give it to a neighbor.
  • Knowledge- Can you teach someone something you know?  Maybe something about gardening, car maintenance, first aid, etc.
  • Materials- Do you have excess stuff laying around? Who can use your donation in your neighborhood?
  • Goodwill stores- Always need people to help with organization and distribution.  Please volunteer.  You also know they will give it to a worthy cause.

These are a few places you can be more charitable in your life.  I know you by giving more you will receive more.

Making Life’s Road a Little Smoother

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