Step 8-Exercise

Are you asking why this is part of prepping?

Exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy mental and physical outlook. Being in “shape” allows you to handle the everyday stresses that come along with living life.

Exercise is a stressor on your body. By stressing your body it adapts. This adaptation allows you to endure other life stresses with ease.

Your exercise program does not have to be super regimented.

Here are my recommendations

* Walk- This is low impact and can be varied to anyone no matter what shape they are in

* Hiking- Get out and see things you do not see in the city

* Yoga- I like yoga because of the stretching and unique body positions.

* Gardening/Yardwork- These encompass lots of “human” movements

* Biking- Low impact, able to go long distance and for longer times than other exercises

Things I do not like (if they are done to the exclusion of others)

* Running- I like running as long as it is not the only thing done.

* Repetitive motion exercises- push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.

I believe that if you have an exercise routine in which you do the same things every time then you will not be as healthy. The human body is meant to do varied exercise to maintain physical fitness. Please do not construe this as I hate running or push-ups. I think in a well encompassed routine they may be fine, but they are not what I would consider a “human movement”.

Remember, being active is what is most important. Now go outside and have some fun.

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