Step 5- Develop your own plan

Is your plan like mine?  When the electricity goes off, commute to the in-laws place to hang out until the power comes back on?  Of  course not.  It is not my plan either.  Which is why your plan and my plan are different.  You may not like goat meat, I do.  You may love canned peas. I do not.

A Plan is something individualized not pulled off the internet and put in a folder.
Here are some things to consider for your plan.
  • Debt- How to get rid of and what to do when it is gone.  Many have a plan to get rid of the debt.  What are you going to do with the extra cash flow when it is paid off?
  • How much self sufficiency vs. self reliance.  Self sufficiency is where you are sufficient in your needs with the system of support.  Think in terms of %(solar panels, 10% self sufficient in electricity or garden, 20% self sufficiency in food.  Self reliance is not needing the system for a given amount of time.  Think of self reliance in terms of time.  Flashlights are 2 days self reliance for light in a power outage.  Prepare for both
  • Where will I go if I need to leave my house?  When will I stay?  When will I go?  Who will I go to?
  • How will I protect myself? family?  neighbors?
  • How can I help my family get through this? my neighbors?
  • Heat? Cooling? Water? Sanitation? Leadership? Spirituality?
  • Retirement income.  How much do I need?
  • Insurance.  Yes you need it.  Health. Disability. Life

In the end you must own your plan.  Each of us lives in different area with different concerns that only you can decide on.  Knowing that the road is going to be rough makes it easier to see the bumps in the road.

“He who fails to plan plans to fail”, Winston Churchill
Until next time
Prepping 101
Making life’s road a little smoother

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