Step 2- Debt

Step 2- Debt is cancer

Debt is the cancer of this society.  When you have debt, you are under constant burden to pay over time what you have bought yesterday.  The burden to continue working for something which you have used or does not have any value is something you can’t get out from under until it is paid for.

I think one of the principal causes of the distress that exists among us is that people have lived beyond their means.  We have borrowed with largess, mortgaged our homes,  our farms, and taken out home equity loans, only to compete with our neighbors, to compete one with another and appear to have more than we actually do.  This seems to be the “in” thing to do.

Many of us have borrowed money that we might impress our neighbors with our appearance.  If we had not done so, but had lived within our means as well as set aside some for a rainy day, we would be more independent and free.  If you are not paying cash you are mortgaging your future as well as your children’s.  If you live by credit you are placing shackles upon your family.

Have you ever known anyone who went into debt who was as free, as independent, as happy as the person who paid as he went along?

We should begin to retrench and free ourselves from debt, and become free and independent.  If we will due our duty as free people and be wise with our money, we will be blessed and fruitful.  We must curtail our expenses and deny ourselves some worldly pleasure.

That is not to say to not be charitable.  There will be those among you which will be in need of your help.  Those of you who have extra, let them give it to those who do not.

I cannot tell you what is coming in the future.  But there is one thing I can say for certain, and that is if we have money in hand to buy something, and we buy it, no matter  how much it goes down in value it is still ours.

I think almost all of our hardships would disappear if we were willing to forego some of the luxuries of life and get back to a simpler way of life in a rather quiet and unassuming way.  Stay away from the mall and window shopping and return to thrift and economy.

In order to be happy we must be debt free.  You can’t fully prepare for the future if you have to continually work for your obligations.  Make your road a little smoother and get out of debt.

Prepping 101-Making life’s road a little smoother


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