Step 1 to Happiness

Step 1 to Happiness
As listed last week, I have a 12 step program to happiness.  Here at Prepping 101 we believe in “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”  This old English proverb helps  guide us here.  Let’s get started

Step 1- It should make your life better.

This is the basic tenant of prepping.  What we do makes our life better.  We are better prepared to handle disruptions of systems.  We can make do without the lights for a time.  Knowing this gives great calm and comfort.

Prepping is a way of life not a spectacular program.  We do it because it is right, because it satisfies our souls.  We prepare for a time which is to come and knowing that we have prepared releases our mind on the more prudent things and lets us focus on others.

I made this the first seeing if you are not having fun or it is not making you happy, then you should not do it.  I believe it will bring you great comfort and joy to become prepared for the future.  If you are not then I promise to give you a full refund.

Prepping 101


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