Food Storage-3 month supply

Food Storage- 3 month supply

Now that you have paid off your debt, you are ready to start increasing your reserves of food.  How do I go about this you may ask?  Well, you have come to the right place.  The great thing about increasing your food storage is two-fold.  First is it allows you peace of mind that if anything happens you can live off what you have stored for a period of time.  Second, is you are able to “opportunity buy” when things are on sale.

Let’s start off with building your food storage.  Start with one week, then build to one month, then to two months and then 3 months.  The first rule is to “eat what you store and store what your eat”.  This means that you should not buy anything which is not currently in your diet.  If you like Naley’s chili then buy that.  Don’t go out and buy a bunch of wheat so you can have it on hand.  First of all, do you know how to grind the wheat?  Do you even have a grinder?  Do you like the taste of whole wheat food?  The great thing about most canned food is that it lasts at least a year.

So what do I buy?  When you go to the store if you are going to buy a can of soup, buy two.  Put the second one on the shelf.  When you go to the store again next week to buy a can of soup, buy two and put them on the shelf.  As you use one buy two.  Since you kept track in your food journal the amount of food you have gone through in a month, you did that didn’t you?  You will know that when you get 12 cans of soup you will have three months worth of soup, at one per week.  You do not have to spend a bunch of extra money.  Allocate an extra $20 to buying a couple of extra things for storage each time you go to the store.  Remember you want to start with one extra week and build from there.  Do not try to get 3 months worth of soup from the start.  Build slowly and look for deals.

Once you have this built up you will realize that you are able to buy in bulk when it is on sale and with coupons.  This “Opportunity Buying” is what enables you to really save money.  Since you are eating out of storage you only have to go to the store for perishables like milk and fruit and of course great case lot sales.  Eventually you want to have a 3 months supply of everything you use on a daily basis. This will include toiletries, propane, meat, powdered milk, water, first aid, toothpaste, etc.  Look for small ways to build your supply.

Storing your food in a dry room is best.  Use the FIFO(First in First out) method of rotation.  Label your food on the day you bought it(1/1/10).  The next can will have a date of 1/8/10.  Always use the oldest can first.  This insures you are rotating your food and nothing spoils.

As a side note:  A hidden gem of having extra food is you do not have to go to the store as frequently or if you do you are buying in bulk and saving money.  You now have some extra time to do other things since you are not going to the store as often.  This attitude tends to compound itself.  As you build up storage you do not have to go to the store as often, since you are not going to the store as often you look for good deals, since you find good deals you store more food, since you store more food you have more time with your family, since you spend more time with your family you are happier, since you are happier you want to continue prepping, since you want to continue prepping you come to  See that wasn’t so hard.

Remember it is YOUR plan and your home.  Use what works for you.  Do not buy what you do not like. This is a 3 month supply, it may take a while.   If you have to use it and you do not like it you will not eat it.

Prepping101- Making life’s road a little smoother.


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